Thursday, January 14, 2010

Black Cat

1.solicit(v)- to seek for by earnest or respectful request formal application

2.Mad (adj) - mentally disturbed deranged insane demented

3.Succint (adj)- expressed in few words concise terse

4.Phantasm(N)-an illusory likeness or something

5.Docile(adj)- easily managed or handled

6.Disposition(n) the predominant or prevailing tendency of one's spirits natural mental and emoitnal outlook or mood charecteristic attitude

7.Sagacious(adj)- having or showing keen discernment and sound judgement

8. Paltry(adj)- lacking in importance or worth trivial

9.Gossamer-(n) something delicate light or flimsy

10.Fidelity -(n) faithfulness to obligations duties or observances

11.Procure (v) to get by special effort obtaion or aquire

12.Allusion(n)- the act of alluding indirect reference

13.Intemperacne (n)- excewssive use of alcoholic beverages

14.Maltreat(v)- to treat in a rough or cruel way way abuse

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