Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chocolate war DQ's 21 30

The Chocolate War DQ’s Chapters 20-30 Infante 2009-10

1. Why is it cool to be in the Vigils? Because the vigils control the whole school and cool people are in the vigils.
2. Obie obviously does not like Archie or being in the Vigils. Why does he stay? Obie stays because he is afraid of the ramifications of his actions.
3. Brother Leon says sales are down because of apathy. Is that true? Yes because the salesmen view Jerry not selling and being lazy and so they follow his example
4. Is trying to get the students to sell chocolates just a game? Why or why not? No because the sale is for a fund raiser.
5. Did Jerry become a symbol to other students? Jerry became a symbol of rebellion and resistance.
6. whatt gives the Vigils such power? Because no one knows about them and they run the whole school.
7. Who or what in your life gives you the courage to stand up for yourself? Who do you wish encouraged you? Why? In my life no one really encourages me to stick up for myself so I have to make myself feel like a woose enough until I retaliate.
8. Carter punches Rollo when he talks back to Archie. Why does he do this? Carter punches rollo to make an example of him and he was tired of Archie's non violence.
9. Is the quote, “All schools have animals” true? Yes there is always a violent person at all schools.
10. How would the dynamics at Trinity change if it was a co-ed school? There would be much less homo erotic activities.
11. Why do people get caught up in a herd mentality? Every one must sell chocolates to belong to the herd and if you upset the herd there are ramifications.
12. “Funny – someone does violence to you but you’re the one who has to hide, as if you’re the criminal.” Explain this quote. Is this true in real life? Give examples.
13. What is the difference between a spirit of brotherhood and what the boys at Trinity have? Brotherhood is sacred the boys at trinity
14. Did Jerry have to go to the field to fight? No
15. What would you have done in Jerry’s situation? I would have sold the chocolates after the assignment was finished.
16. To what lengths would you go to stand up for something? If it was something that I really believed in I might give my life.
17. Silence = consent. What does that mean? If you stand by and let something awful go down and try to remain neutral you allowed it to happen which makes you just as guilty.
18. How does the ending feel to you? The ending was good because not all
19. Does this story leave the reader with any hope at all? Explain. It seems that the story doesn't end with hope but it does because Jerry although half dead his spirit was still in tact.
20. If you had to predict what happened next (after the ending of the story), what would you say happens? Jerry becomes the starting quarterback and becomes the king of the school.

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