Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How do Mark’s aunt and uncle feel about him?
They feel like he has some problem or he does dugs and never talkative

Why do you suppose Mark’s mother has a nervous breakdown and says she never wants
to see her son again?
Maybe because the dad and she was feeling bad about the fire

What does David’s grandmother remember about the day before that upsets David?
She remembers the jell-o didn't taste right

In the conversation with his grandmother, what mistakes does David make that may hurt
his alibi?
He was saying he was with Mark and the other kids Wed.

Why does Lt.
Baca ask Mrs. Griffin if there is trouble in their marriage?
Because there had been reports of husbands leaving their wife

What does Mrs. Griffin say that convinces Lt.
Baca to begin searching for Brian?
My husband is missing and she says his last words were "I Love You"


isn’t Susan surprised to hear her name over the loudspeaker?
She anticipated it because everything that has been going on with Mr.Griffin

2. Compare Susan’s attitude toward her family at the beginning of the story with her attitude
She feels like she needs her family to turn to and she before just wanted to be away from them.

Why does Susan agree to Mark’s lie?
So the police think that Mr.Griffin was with another women and so they don't get in trouble

Why does Mark want her to lie?
So the murder is put on the supposed women with Mr.Griffin

Do you think Mark really believes everything will be all right? Why?
No, but for him he doesn't care because he's had a rough life. He just wants everyone to stay a team.


What is the real reason Betsy says nasty things about Susan?
Betsy in a way is a bit jelous and she believes Susan is getting out of the whole situation easily

Find an example of allusion in this chapter.
Jeff jokes about grave digging in Hamlet

Briefly describe Mark’s mood during the burial. Jeff? David? Betsy?
Mark seems to be careless but happy
Jeff feels like not doing it and talks to Betsy about who she likes
David feels that they should get rid of the car and is naming plans
Betsy doesn't really contribute, but is told to drive car

4. Why does David recite the Lord’s prayer?He feels they should pray for the man dying
5. Why does Mark keep Mr. Griffin’s credit cards?He wants his friend in Colorado to use the credit cards so it looks like Mr.Griffin left
6. Why does Mark tell them to leave the car unlocked with the keys in the ignition?So it looks like he got robbed or somebody else did it
7. What mistakes do the four make burying Mr. Griffin?They didn't bury it deep enough and they had troubles putting the body in
8. What is the implied but not stated reason that the policeman recognizes Betsy at the
airport?He has seen her before and knows that she's the cheerleader for the school

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