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KIlling Mr. Griffin

Killing MR Griffin DQ

1. What surprises Mrs. McConnell about Mrs. Griffin’s visit?
Susan was the last person to see mr griffin alive.

2. How does Mrs. Griffin surprise Susan?
She didnt know Griffins feelings for her.

3. Mrs. Griffin is certain Susan is lying about her teacher conference with Mr. Griffin. List
her reasons.
What Susan was saying didnt make sense to her.

4. How do Susan’s parents react when Mrs. Griffin accuses her of lying?
They Took her side on it.

5. What does Mrs. Griffin know about David? Mark?
She knows about David's paper blowing out of his hands. and that Mark cheated on a term paper.


1. Why does David’s Grandmother believe he is secretly seeing his Daddy? What proof do
you think she has?
She found the Stanford ring.

2. Lana tells Lt. Baca about the turned-up ground and gives him the prescription bottle.
What else does she say to expose the kidnappers?
Mark Kinney was the only other person she knew that knew about the place.

3. What new plans do they make for the car?
To hide it in Jeff's garage to paint it until they could take it to a pueblo

4. Why does Mark think the news report is false?
They said Mr. Griffin's ring was missing and he didnt know that David took the ring.


1. Why does David take the ring?
It reminds him of his father.

2. The blowing wind may be a symbol of freedom in this novel. Explain its possible
importance in the following events:

David and Susan’s first meeting
Without the wind blowing David wouldnt have talked to her.

the picnic by the waterfall

the inscription on the ring

3. Why does the lady from the other house smile through the window at Susan?
She sees that the beds are messed up.

4. What is Susan’s opinion of David’s grandmother?
she's scared and thinks that his grandmother wont give back the ring and they will get caught.

5. Why does Susan call Jeff’s house?
to tell mark that they really did find the body and to ask what to do.


1. In what ways do we see that the Garrett’s do not see their son Jeff as a real person?
They dont see any flaws in him. They have an idealized view of him.

2. Mystery stories rely on inference, the act of drawing a conclusion that is not actually
stated. Using inference, what information will Mrs. Griffin learn from the newspaper?
The Lana connection.

3. Why does David’s grandmother refuse to attend church?
They reverend said that people who dont take care of their earthly responsibilities dont go to heaven.

4. Explain what David’s grandmother means in the following quotation. “The winds of
freedom are filled with laughter.”
She thinks her son left David's mother because she was boring

5. What clue in the story reveals the identity of Irma Ruggle’s visitor?
The brown jacket and the weird eyes.


1. Why do Betsy and Jeff stop by to see Susan?
To create an alibi

2. What is surprising about David’s grandmother’s death?
The neighbor said someone was there

3. Do you think Betsy and Jeff believe Mark has killed the old woman?

4. The first paragraph of the chapter discusses the wind. Why do you suppose the author
writes about the wind blowing again at this point in the story?
The truth will be out and she will be normal again.


1. What are the implications of Susan’s statement “I did that” on page 208?
She played a role in the killing of David's grandmother

2. What is Jeff worried about?
Getting caught in Mr. Griffin's car.

3. Why doesn’t Mark gag Susan?
He said that the wind would be louder than her screams.

4. How does Mark feel after he sets the fire?
Calm and serene

5. How does Susan feel about Mark?
She loves him and hates him.

6. Why does Susan scream, “I’m going to die, You’re glad, aren’t you?”
She thinks that Mrs. Griffin would be happy to see her die since she was part of the killing of Mr. Griffin.

7. How does Mrs. Griffin respond?
She says of course not why would i want that.


1. Mrs. McConnell tells Susan, “It is only by facing things that you ever put them behind
you.” What do you think is good or bad about this advice?
It's better to face it and get over it than to try to forget it and it eat you up inside

2. How does Mrs. Griffin recognize the car?
The patched upholstery

3. Why is the whole family going to counseling?
To deal with it together.

4. Do you think the proposed penalties are fair? Explain.
Yes, Since mark was the ring-leader his punishment should be worse than everyone else's

5. How does the last verse in Susan’s, “Song for Ophelia,” explain why she becomes involved
with Mark and the others?
She feels ugly and vulnerable

6. What may the reader infer from the last paragraph?
she has matured as a character and accepted her responsibilities

7. “Coming-of-Age” stories are usually about “Loss of Innocence” or “Rite of Passage.” State
what kind of story this is and why.
Both. She loses her past innnocence and she matures as a character by realizing fitting in isnt necessary

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