Thursday, February 4, 2010

KMG DQ 13-19

Chapter 13
1. What surprises Mrs. McConnell about Mrs. Griffin's visit?
Susan didn't tell her mom she was the last person to see Mr. Griffin.
2. How does Mrs. Griffin surprise Susan?
By interrogating her about seeing Mr. Griffin and the alleged woman sitting in the car with him.
3. Mrs. Griffin is certain Susan is lying about her teacher conference with Mr. Griffin list the reasons.
She said Mr. Griffin was nervous and twitchy when he wasn't and he was checking his watch when he wasn't wearing one.
4. How do Susan's parents react when they tell her shes lying?
they act shocked and offended.
5.What does Mr. Griffin know about Mark and Dave?
she knows that Dave's papers blew away and that Mark cheated on a paper.
Chapter 14.
1. Why does David's Grandmother think he is secretly seeing daddy and what proof does she have? She thinks hes acting abnormally and Mr. Griffin's ring is proof.
2. Lana tells Lt. Baca about the turned up ground and gives him the prescription bottle what else does she say to expose the kidnappers? That her and mark used to go there.
3. What new plans do they make for the car? To paint it green put it in Jeff's car and take it to zuni.
4. Why does mark think the new's report is false? because hes a psycho
Chapter 15.
1.Why does David Take the ring? Because he felt it belonged to him in another life.
2. The winds of time ring with laugther

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