Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Chocolate War DQ’s Chapters 10-20 Infante 2009-10

  1. In your opinion, should Jerry have said no to selling the chocolates? After the assignment was over no he should have sold after that.
  2. Where does school spirit begin and end? Where do you draw the line? Think about the kinds of things that happen between BHS and GA during football season. School spirit begins with supporting the team and ends with violence.
  3. Should you make sacrifices for your school? Talk about an experience you have had with fundraising at school. What was it like? Once I was selling wrapping paper for my school and I accidentally lost all my supply.
  4. What makes Brother Leon a bully? Give examples. Where does he cross the line? Brother Leon is a bully because he takes pleasure in other peoples
  5. Do you think the world is made up of either “victims or victimizers?” Explain.
  6. How does Brother Leon bribe David Caroni? Would someone else be able to bribe you with a grade?
  7. Why does Jerry refuse to sell the chocolates after the assignment is over? Jerry feels sick every morning because he has to face Leon. What physical symptoms of stress have you experienced in stressful situations?
  8. Should the other Brothers do something about the Vigils? If the Vigils existed here at GA, would you want teachers to do something about it? Explain.
  9. 10. Does bully happen at GA? Is anything done about it? Why or why not?

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