Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chocolate War DQ's chapters 1-10

1. What affect did the first sentence have on you? The first sentence although I cant remember the exact words but I do remember that it was very captivating.
2. Do you feel you have to stay on the good side of anyone in your life? why? There are always a few people in every one's life that they have to give a wide birth to mainly to keep myself out of trouble and danger.
3.What would you do if someone was keeping secret information about you? I would try to obtain the information and dispose of it.
4. Why is the man at the bus stop contemptuous of Jerry? Because Jerry was staring at the hippie that and the hippie did not appreciate it and he chewed Jerry out.
5 Who is brother Leon? He is a very severe and sadistic task master of a teacher in a private catholic school called trinity.
6. Why does every one in the school ignore the Vigils? Because the secret society of vandals known as the vigils is so on the down low that they keep a code of silence as strict as most organized crime syndicates.
7. Why does Goober have to comply with the assignment? Because Goober is the new spastic freshman who must go along with the Vigils and do what they tell them? What would you do? I would try not to be in a secret society but if I had to I would do it as quickly and discreetly as possible.
8.What Kind of teacher is brother leon? He is a very meek man who likes to control students like a psychopath and is so unpredictable that is predictable how unpredictable he will be. Has a teacher ever picked on you?Yes one time I told a teacher her time was up in the computer lab and she told me "Your outta here!" and i said some not nice things there was a note home that day.
9. Do you know anyone with Emile's characteristics? No
10. Why do they choose to pick on Brother Eugene? Because hes a nice guy and its an un- expected thing to do.
11.Jerry feels like he cant talk to his father how can he remedy the situation? By telling his dad that he misses his mom too and that it is going to be okay.
12. What have you had to sell for school fundraisers? Posters and wrapping paper and yes I sold a ridiculous amount of that stuff for no reason except a fund raiser for soccer lights and I don even like soccer.

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